Solutions For Hot Flashes and Menopause-DHEA Supplementation


Treatment of menopause


DHEA supplementation is in the news a lot these days as one of the solutions for hot flashes and menopause, among many other things as well. It is sometimes seen as a magic pill that can cure just about anything.

The symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue and insomnia are serious for many women and they are looking for natural menopause relief. This is especially the case since the Women's Health Initiative report revealed many disturbing trends in hormone replacement therapy.

What is DHEA supplementation?

DHEA is a steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, where it is synthesized from cholesterol. The adrenal glands are small glands located near your kidneys and play a major role in hormone production. Not only do they produce DHEA, but also adrenaline and cortisol.

When the adrenal glands are exhausted from overproducing adrenaline, you experience adrenal fatigue, and as a consequence they are unable to produce DHEA, which is directly related to your menopause symptoms. It is a chain reaction that often begins with stress, dieting, poor nutrition, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle.

DHEA supplementation is sometimes called the mother hormone because it is responsible for so much hormonal production. All of your major sex hormones, testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen, are directly related to DHEA levels. It is like the doorway for hormone production.

During menopause, and as a consequence of stress, DHEA levels diminish. This is a normal part of aging and should be viewed as such. However, when the levels fall too low, the hormones become imbalanced and the fatigue, irritability, sluggishness, hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats can set in.

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Is DHEA supplementation safe?

A trip to your local health food store will reveal an abundance of DHEA supplements, in varying potencies and formulations. Often, it is associated with feeling on top of the world and maybe like you did as a teenager! Sounds pretty good, except for the haunting insecurity and acne!

Because it is a steroid, it also is the subject of too much hype and fluff regarding body building and athleticism. There is no one pill that can make your feel like a twenty something and have a great attitude 24/7. Our society would sure like to find one though!

It is advised that you see your health care provider before taking over the counter DHEA supplementation. If you do it on your own, use small doses, and combine it with a more comprehensive approach that includes adequate sleep, fresh fruits and vegetables, and reduced stress.

How can DHEA help with hot flashes?

By using DHEA supplementation, in connection with a comprehensive program, you will help your hormones to become balanced. The hot flashes in menopause and other symptoms are a direct result of a hormone imbalance.

Many women report that they feel better than they have in years after beginning a comprehensive program that includes DHEA supplementation. Some women who were nearly bed-ridden and unable to care for their families are now energetic and full of the vigor they once felt.